Hot Winter

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Hot Winter

Ehse 031

With their debut album HOT WINTER, Scroll Downers brings a cooler full of beer and weed jams for the true swamp freaks screaming out there in the mud. Zachary “Zeke” Utz and David “Dave” Jacober (Dope Body, Holy Ghost Party) bring some formidable chops on guitar and drums, providing a perfect playground for the disobedient vocals of Lexie “Mountain” Macchi (Lexie Mountain Boys, Crazy Dreams Band). This trio serves up psychedelic incantations on a Black Sabbath rrrrriot tip, run through a filter of early 90s angst.

Inspired by the unseasonable warmth of their December recording session on Hooper’s Island, HOT WINTER is a Scroll Downers’ soundtrack to a lonely sunset blazing across corroded shorelines, lights flickering in the distance as the world ends.