Pastoral Homage Vol. 1

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Pastoral Homage Vol. 1

Ehse SS020

Arrhythmic tape loops, extended improvisation on guitar and modular synthesizer as well as minimal two part vocals are arranged sparsely on the debut release by Inner Light, the Australian via Baltimore duo comprised of Meredith McHugh and Christian J. Best. Pastoral Homage Vol. 1 is the first in a series of releases paying compliment to 1970s provincial German electronica. As both Christian and Meredith are shared as core members of the krauty/drone outfit Smoke Bellow, it follows that a similar DNA can be detected. However, Pastoral Homage serves as a counterpoint to Smoke Bellow's calculated approach. Tracks were impulsively recorded to tape, predominantly live and with minimal overdubs.

The results are extended meditations that explore texture, interplay, form and repetition.