Blue Sky Gospel

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Blue Sky Gospel

Ehse SS025
This is music that is always happening. This is music that is about things in occurences that have happened and that are about to happen.

Blue Sky Gospel is the Ehse debut for Pony Payroll Bones.

Content and form are not in opposition. There is a river in the river. There is a river above the river. There is a river below the river. I walk 13 miles backwards underneath all three of these rivers.

What you have here is a bunch of archaic country blues tottering with sodded specters. I am writing songs about the spirit of things and letting them run loose as meat. These are death songs for the living.

These are the sonics of so called noise music tunneled into country songs. Each song is a shelter.

Once upon the time, I watched my good friend Zeb burn his guitar ( a practice run for suicide) in that ancient sooty South Atlanta railroad tunnel. I am repaying my ghost soul debt to a man ghost child that now frets formless.