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Songs In The Key Of Survivial
By Leo Svirsky
(Ehse 024)

Inspired by recent revolutionary struggles (as well as their historical antecedents), on his debut LP, pianist-composer Leo Svirsky crafts a diverse though singular suite. Texts from placards and protest signs as well as critical (insurrectionary) theory are repurposed in poetic and disarmingly private compositions for piano and voice. Interpenetrating these pieces are dense, abstract, yet lyrical improvisations, where overwhelming edifices of sound can suddenly give way to delicate harmonies and unexpected silences. A powerful though unstable dialectic reaching towards a hidden center.

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Side A:
1...in qua tantum cacatur...
2a storm blows from paradise...
3Internal Devaluation (a user's guide)
5Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
6Engführung (Straitening)
Side B:
1Profound Boredom and Rage
3...si le geste est beau
5Lines of flight, lines of capture
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Profound Boredom and Rage  

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