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Harrius is Jenny Graf and Chiara Giovando.

Jenny GÌaf is a Baltimore-based artist who works with the social dimension of art and the consequences of performance. Her sound work includes solo work and long term collaborations with MV Carbon (in Metalux) and other such as John Wiese, James Twig Harper, Marcia Bassett, Chiara Giovando and Susan Alcorn. She has been commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago to create an a sound installation in the Fern Room at the Chicago Lincoln Park Conservatory. She has also worked on several films such as I Remember Better When I Paint a film that explores the cognitive impact of creativity on those with Dementia.

Chiara Giovando was born in northern New Mexico in 1976. She moved to Baltimore in 2002 in order to participate in a community of musicians and artists involved in transgressive consciousness. Her musical psyche is an amalgamation of intuition and critical thought. This can be a tumultuous union, at times leading to rash judgementalism, at other times to the detailed expression of sensed truths. She uses empathic prejudice in order to communicate her music.