Geoff Graham

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A veteran of the Baltimore music scene, musician Geoff Graham has long occupied the space where pop, noise, dance and experimentation cross paths. Listeners will be most familiar with Graham’s work as a longtime member (bass, synth, vocals, and songwriting) of Lower Dens. He has also collaborated with such notable artists as Beach House, Wye Oak and the Gene Clark No Other Band, among many others. After nearly a decade recording and touring with Lower Dens, Geoff Graham took a hiatus from the music world and business to educate himself about mental health (both his own and others’), earning a Master’s in Social Work and discovering the teachings of S.N. Goenka. During this hiatus, he continued to perform music in various projects, including the Baltimore-based Fleetwood Mac cover band Sh’Rumours. He also began work on what would become his first two solo albums, the ambient and hypnotic Dune-inspired Mars First, and its more pop-infatuated follow-up Survivors, released on Ehse Records in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Both albums were written, recorded and performed completely by Graham. Graham currently lives in Los Angeles.
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