Dog Leather

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Dog Leather is a duo of Max Eisenberg (aka DJ Dog Dick) and Griffin Pyn (aka Sewn Leather).


"Mostly it all started in South St. Louis 2001 when I was getting real excited about Free Jazz and the New American Noise. I jumped right in the mix playing improv animal drums and making confused performance art at shows and on the streets. The shows were killer. Dave Stone, Brain Transplant, Phallus Chalice, Skarekrau Radio, The Star Death, Ghost Ice, Grand Ulena; all heros in the grandest sense. It quickly became greater than music or art. It was everything.

That scene drew wonders and horrors from the world around and I was drawn out of it. My first tour was with Jean-Louis Costes, a die-hard artist who in one performance would swoon you in blissfully tragic ballads and repulse you with depraved toilet action. Humanity almost never seems clearer than when on tour. There are too many others to mention here who I've been on that road with since, all I'd consider among the best. I've performed across most of the western world as Dj Dog Dick, Dog Synth, and in the bands Dog Leather, Rubbed Raw, and Nautical Almanac. It's a true blessing, this culture I've found around and through those efforts. And it remains that when I'm not too overly possesed by a sad sulk or happy abandon, that the music, the art, and the culture are everything."


Sewn Leather is the brainchild of Griffin Pin & John Root. With a dark wave aesthetic and a roots punk approach, music as a whole hasn't seen the likes of a group of this sincerity since the early days of Suicide and Cabaret Voltaire. Sewn Leather rides the impossible balance of being perfectly suited for it's time and a reminder of how perfect it seemed in the past. Amoda